Put oil in the navel

belly button oil massage tips

(belly button oil massage tips)

Our navel (Nabi) is a wonderful gift given to us by the mother. A 62-year-old man lost some sight in his left eye. He can see  very difficult at night. His eyes were in good condition. But the only problem is that the blood has dried up in the veins that give blood to his eyes. He was notified by eye experts that he could not see again.

According to science, the umbilical cord is first created when the fetus develops. Then it connects with the mother’s placenta through the umbilical cord.

Our navel is definitely a wonderful thing. According to science, after the death of a person, the umbilical cord is  warm for 3 hours.

When a woman conceives, the food supplies  goes to her baby by the mother’s navel. It takes  270 day  – equel = 9 months for a  baby to  fully  developed. There will always be a warmth there.

Our navel is set as the focal point of all the nerves of our body.

There is one {ECHOTI which contain  is about 72,000 nerves just below our navel.. Can not believe  isinit? The total amount of blood vessels in our body is equal to twice the Earth’s circumference.

Keeing the oil on the navel  gives us good  eyesight , rectify blindness, bile burst in feet,  and gives  , shiny hair, luminous lips, rectify  knee pain, body shaking , laziness and limb pains.

It helps to improve ,  eyesight, nail, hair and lips .

Before going to sleep apply  3 drops of ghee or coconut oil and massage about one inch area round the navel.

Knee pain:

Before sleeping, apply 3 drops castor oil on navel code and massage  around 1 inch area.

Arthritis, tremor and lazy relief Before massaging dry skin, massage the ribbons with 3 drops of mustard oil at night and massage around one and a half inches.

Why do we put oil in the navel?

If any of our veins are dried up, it will open up by this  oil.

When a child develops stomach pain,we will normally  apply oil or Parungayam  with water  around the navel. Within minutes the pain is healed. So his oil massage works in the same way.


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