The greatest danger place for kids is home

kids live danger place house tamil

(kids live danger place house tamil)

Baby in the comfort of parents and elders until the baby is born. But it’s hard to keep them in a place after walking.

When moms go into the kitchen, the children will go back and start crying. How can you deal with them?

Usually, children should be careful with age from one to three years of age. Most kids are in danger at their home.

From the first three years, the children are doing something bad. What’s right What is wrong and they do not know where they are at risk.

Most parents keep spray, acid, and hyenas where the kids are taking.

Whatever it takes, the children who keep it in the mouth without knowing the effects. There are also tragedies that many children can lose their eyes.

Most of the children admitted to the emergency wards are doing something similar in their homes. In today’s time parents are a little jealous.


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