Black cumin seed healthy tips

black cumin seed healthy tips

(black cumin seed healthy tips)

Cumin is medicinal. The ‘thymocytonine’ chemical in it provides better immunity. It contains fat that can benefit the body and decreases cholesterol and allergies.

Cumin is the best medicine for skin diseases. Those who suffer from continuous cough and asthma have to eat a teaspoon of dark powder with honey and half a teaspoon of garlic paste. This will remove the mucous membranes of the lungs.

Scars of ulcers will disappear. It is good to use gum powder on the powder used for bathing. Put a tablespoon of cinnamon powder on 50ml coconut oil and heat then filter and put those two drops on the nose to clear nasal obstruction. There is aromatic oil in the cumin. It removes stomach bloating and pain and eases waste easily.

It destroys the gastrointestinal bacterial infestation and the unwanted insects in the intestine. Take a teaspoon of gravy powder, mix it with hot water, and drink a little honey will clear kidney stones and gallbladder stones. Let’s eat this twice a day like morning and evening.


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