Cold – home remedies

cold heel healthy home remedies

(cold heel healthy home remedies)

Throat rash, headache, increased body heat, fever, bodybuilding, anorexia, nostalgia, sneezing and cough.

Virus is a disease. More dust allergies, sudden temperatures, low immunity, depression, and other Breath disorders.

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  • Sprinkle a lemon and mix it with a little honey in warm water and apply one or two times a day. Lemon include vitamin C. It increases resistance to the body and reduces toxicity. It also reduces the duration of the disease.
  • Garlic Soup: Cut three or thoroughly garlic teeth and add a cup of water into the soup. Drinking soup causes the excretion of the toxins from our body and heals the fever. Add 4 tablespoons of garlic oil to a tablespoon of onion juice then mix in water and drink two or three times a day.
  • Ginger: 10 grams of ginger into small pieces and mix it with a cup of water and then splash it off and sprinkle with half spoon sugar. To make ginger tea, add some pieces of ginger into the hot water and then add the tea powder. It can be taken twice a day for a cold cough.
  • Boil ten grams of ladies finger in the half a liter of water and inhale the breathe in that water. This can be done one or two times a day. This is good for drying cough and chewing throat.
  • Grind the bark of the bitter gourd. This amount equal of a teaspoon of honey or tulsi along once a month to eat at night will prevent cold.
  • Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder into 30 ml of warm milk and drink one or two times a day. At first glazed with turmeric powder and then mix milk like bit in moderate fire. Instant relief is available to breathe the spirits coming out of the hot yellow jar.
  • Pepper turmeric: take 50 ml of tamarind and mix into 250 ml water and boil for a few minutes, then add a teaspoon pepper and a tablespoon of peanut butter. You can drink this soup every three times a day. When you drink it, the water comes out from the eyes and the nose and you will be fine.


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