Signs of a heart attack within a month

quick heart attack symptom awarness

(quick heart attack symptom awarness)

There are some signs that a person’s heart is weak or that he may have a heart attack in a couple of months. With this we take precaution and stay safe.

Not only a heart attack, but also any good and bad changes in our body, our body will reveal a few signs and tell us to be cautious.

Excessive drowsiness

This is the first symptom of a heart attack. Excessive drowsiness. If you continue to work throughout the day, it’s the natural to get this  sign.

But, despite the fact that no work is done, this drowsiness  is a symptom of a heart attack. If you feel this, it is important to check with the doctor immediately.

Sleep disorders

The latter is symptomatic sleep disorders. When the condition of a heart attack is near you, it will cause sleep disorders. You  will  not  able to sleep properly.

Frequent waking up when you are asleep, you will often go for pass urine or get thirsty at midnight.

Generally if you do not have any of these disorders and you suddenly see some changes. you will have to see a doctor


Sudden wheezinge can be seen as a third heart attack symptom. Maybe if you have heart problems then this sudden breath will be a disaster. If you do not get enough oxygen for your heart, you will feel this breathing disorder.


Another heart attack is digestive disorder, indigestion. Do not always take the feeling of something like a noise in the stomach. Also, sometimes the spicy or spicy foods or hard foods can be sensitive to this feeling.


If you suddenly feel very tense or lonely, look for the doctor and check it out.

This is a symptom of a heart attack.

Physical fatigue

Always feeling tired of being tired of the body or feeling heavy in  shoulder, means enough oxygen not h going to your heart. You have the possibility of feeling shoulder pain by the impact of the nerves between the spinal cord and the heart.


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