Tips to get rid of lip darkening when put lipstick

women beauty lips home remedies

(women beauty lips home remedies)
Let’s see how lip gloss are available at home.

Some are often lipstick and their lip get darken. Without the help of any kind of chemical materials, it is possible to protect the lipstick with naturally available items.
* Take a little honey, apply on the lips and massage for 5 minutes, then wash off for 15 minutes and wash in cold water. If you use honey instead of lip balm, you will get charming lips. Dark dysfunction disappears. If you do this daily you can see good results soon.
* If the cucumber cuttings are soaked for 20 minutes on the lips, they give moisturizer to the lip and gradually disappear darkening of the lips.
* Apply the gelatin gel to the lips and spray for 15 minutes after cooling and washed in cold water, softening the lips and redness the lips.
* If the oil is full of oil glue, it can be applied to the lips to prevent drought in the lips and keep the lips soft. Eliminating lipstick can be removed.


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