The skin of fewer sleepers will soon mature

unhealthy sleepless create dry skin

 (unhealthy sleepless create dry skin)

Sleeping for less than six hours at night, is equivalent to the death toll for many of our body functions. If you do not sleep properly, what will happen to the body?

Duration of a long time ago!

A study suggests that the skin of less sleepers has a higher chance of rapid maturity. Damaged cells are repaired during deep sleep. Less sleepers begin to decrease the flexibility of the body, the tongue is drought may occur, and the contractions of the skin will occur.

Forgot to laugh lips!

An insufficient insomnia can affect our vagina and bring it to a tragedy, “says a study in Stockholm. Similarly, we have some other research findings, even if we have positive feelings, that our face does not reveal them.

Body organs can not work together

Hands and eyes cooperate will be affected. That is, you will have a stumbling block for your normal performance going on your way through the day. You will feel that many things happen slowly, rather than nature. Driving in this condition is very dangerous.

Immunity will decrease!

When you sleep, your body produces substances that fight against infections. For example, those who sleep less than seven hours are more than three times more likely to get cold.

Body weight will increase

If you have too many days of sleep, your body weight will increase by 15 percent. Less sleep will reduce the size of leptin hormone; Eating too much is a sign of increased hormone of the Ghrelin that promotes appetite. A study has found that women who have less than five hours of eating less than 329 calories for the next day.

Tumor and bursts!

Cortisol can lead to inflammation in the body with low levels of sleep and stress. This can lead to acne, psoriasis, skin inflammation, and psoriasis.

Memory loss!

When sleeping, the paths between the brain cells will be regulated. If you do not have enough sleep, your alert and noticeability in the alert can decrease by up to 32 percent.

Heart problems can occur!

There is a link between high blood pressure and body inflammation for long periods of sleep. If it continues for a long time, it will increase the risk of mortality by up to 48 percent.

Growth of sugar can increase risk!

Insufficient insomnia affects the secretion of insulin in the body. This increases the risk of Type 2 Sugar Decrease.


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