The optimum millet for sugar patients – carrot Uttappam

diabetic patient healthy rye carrot tasty food

(diabetic patient healthy rye carrot tasty food)

Diabetic patients are good for adding the rye in the diet. Let’s see how can be done today.

Required things :

* Rye flour – 1 cup

* Idly flour – 1/4 cup

* Small onion – 50 g

* Carrot – 2

* Green chilli – 2

* Ginger – small piece

* Curry leaves – little

* Salt – the required amount

* Oil – the required amount



* Cut onion, green chilli and ginger like small peaces.

* Root the carrot.

* In a bowl, add the millet flour, idly flour and salt and add water to it.

* Add the onion, green chillies, ginger, curry leaves, carrots and scramble and mix well and keep them half an hour.

* When the dough is dried in the oven, pour a bowl of flour and turn it around and pour some oil.

* Tasty millet – carrot utthappam ready.


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