Simple exercises for the body fitness!

good health body fitness exercise tips

(good health body fitness exercise tips)

If you do some simple exercises with women’s balanced diet, muscles become stronger in the stomach and physical fit.

Most women reach the age of 30, increasing the body and weight of the stomach and hip area, with the addition of more muscle and fat. Maternity, hormonal change, and poor eating habits and lack of exercise are the main causes of obesity, muscle weakness.

So, if you do some simple exercises with balanced meals, muscles become stronger in the stomach and physical fit. But many people are bored that they are not able to go to Jim because of their work and time. You don’t need to go for Jim and keep your body fit. With some simple exercises at home, you can make your body stronger.

Side Bends
Keeping the legs stretched on the floor and stands straight. First you have to keep the right arm in the right leg or in the hole. The left hand should be leaned right up and lifted to the right. Bring back to the back. This is a set. You should do the same on the next side. This exercise can be done 10 times.

Helpful to strong stomach muscles. It helps to prevent Intestinal problems like Hernia.

Pelvic Bridge
Need to lie straight on the floor. The legs should be folded and put on the floor. Let the hands be on the side of the body. Now you need to raise the hammock and upper body and maintain 10 to 15 seconds. In this situation the breath should be pulled smoothly.

Muscle cramps in the hip and abdomen. Regular blood circulation spread throughout the body. Help control the nervous system.


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