Onions that prevent the fat in the blood

good healthy onion new benefits tamil

(Good healthy onion new benefits tamil)

Onion naturally dissolves the fat in the blood and helps the body to stay without fat.

If you peel onion, there will be nothing inside. That is a cinema song. Cinema song may be like that but lot of advantages.

Both the bigger and the smaller onions are superficial and medicinal. Here are some of them.

If you suppressed the urine, it increases the production of micro-organisms and increases the risk of infection. Continuing this habit will infect the urinary bladder. They should add more onions in their foods. Onion cuts out of waste products and pushes out.

Onion is more eroticism than drumstick. The onion is naturally dissolved fat in the blood and helping the body to stay without fat.

You may eat old rice with butter milk and four small onions. Body heat will reduced by onions. Immunity increases. Regulate blood flow.

If uric acid is added in the urine bag too, the stones will appear. If you eat onion often, the stones will dissolve.

Recent research has found that onion has included the drugs that prevent cancer. It fixes cell deaths and cell disorders caused by smoking, air pollution and autism. Adding a little onion in daily diet is essential to get rid of the ulcer, dryness, and osteoporosis.

By eating the onion raw, can get full of nutrients. Peel 4 or 5 onions and add some jagger and grind then eat for decrease bile and disappear bile eructation.

If inside of the pancreas surrounds the glue or dirt, insulin does not secrete. Small onion helps to restrict this to normal and keep the level of sugar.

If bile liquid secretes more in liver, jaundice will come. The small onion is control the secretion of this bile liquid in normal condition. Often smokers drink half an ounce per day will clean the lungs.

The price of small onions makes the head dizzy.


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