Lip started to explode in the snow? Use this to get rid of it

lips explode snow season good beauty tips

(lips explode snow season good beauty tips)

From smooth margarine we get ghee. In most Tamil households, ghee is added daily foods. Ghee is added to all kinds of sweets. Desserts that are not ghee are very low.

Not only ghee for food but also used to cosmetics. Ghee plays an important role in maintaining the skin polish. Particularly, if you want to have soft lips, cow’s ghee can be used daily.

In the winter the lips will dry up and explode. This time you go for urine when you drink too much water. So the moisture in the body and lip appears to be dry and dry. Use of ghee daily can prevent this drought.

Method of use

* Take some drops of ghee and heat it.

* Add two drops of honey with warm ghee.

* Take this mixture and apply it on the lips and massage it well.

* Before you go to sleep every night, if you continue to do this, the drought will get rid of the lips and become soft and shiny.


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