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men beard oil beauty tips tamil

(Men beard oil beauty tips in tamil)

The bearded men do not escape from the eyes of woman. The bearded man covered by woman than the clean shave man.

That is why many people walk with the beard. But the reality is that there is no desire to maintain the beard than desire to grow it.

There is no need for a parlor, saloon. Massage at your home with some oils and can make your beard beautiful.

Lavender oil

It has anti- microbial. The roots of the hair go up and work better with dandruff.

It goes under roots of the hair and work better with dandruff.

Cedar wood oil

Penetrates into the roots of the hair and stimulates the growth of hair.

Rosemary oil

Increases blood circulation and stimulates the growth of hair. Also, the hair is shiny and denser.

Lemon grass oil

It strengthens the hair. It preserves the hair from damaging and loss.


Mix all oils and massage the beard before going to sleep every night. You will realize that the beard becomes thicker and shiny.


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