Remove darkness from hand!

dark hands heel medicure beauty tips

(dark hands heel medicure beauty tips)

Women only focus on their facial care. They does not pay attention on the hand, legs and the throttle.

They put bangles, rings, henna, nail polish, glouse during summer, and moisturizer in winter. But the concern over the face does not give the hands.

Get older and no shine can be thoroughly detected by your hands. So it is possible to avoid the appearance of old age by maintaining hands well.

Depending on the temperature, the condition of the skin, oil and drought will change. But if our hands are dry at all times, beyond the impact of the climate you can feel the lack of health.

To understand the reasons and pay attention for the body’s loss of water and the lack of skin care.  For some, they often wash their hands. Even so, hands can dry up. If the drought persists for a long time, the skin begins to shrink. It can produce an age old look.

Aloe gel can be used for dry hands. Use a moisturizer as a cream than lotion. The cream is slightly thicker than the lotion, so it will last a long time. You can avoid drought.

While most of the time is in the sun, some people have dark spots on their hands. Milk is best medicine for that and you can get it from home.

Take a piece of cloth and wet in milk and put on the hands and wipe it off with cold water after 15 minutes. To keep on doing it, the spots will fall short.

Do not forget to use sunscreen lotion when you go out daily.


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