Don’t use these things when you are shaving…!

healthy shave men beauty tips

(healthy shave men beauty tips)

Shaving is not only a beauty but also a matter of health. Every man will shave each way. Some people use same bathing shop for shave.

Some people make mistakes, such as using a blade in the dry skin. But those small mistakes that we make can cause allergies and infections in the skin.

Only use shaving items during shaving. In particular, it is good to know how to apply and use.

Pre-shaving oil
Smooth your skin and beard.

Shaving Cream
Shaving cream softens the beard and opens the skin particle. It will help you to keep the blade closer to the face and shave without fear. Injuries will decrease.

Shaving Soap
While using soap for shaving is a very old conventional method, some still use this route. Get separate soaps for shaving. They help to shave the beard easily.

Shaving brush
Hand soap and cream can be used without the need of hands. If you are a beard, you can easily get rid of the cream by logging into the beard. A little difficulty when use cream through the hands.

Shaving racer
There are two types of shaving racers. One is like a sharp knife. Another is to use the blade and turn it on both sides. This is the first type of old-fashioned shaving method. You can shave most brilliantly in the same method. But the knife sometimes tears the face. But the second type of racer is very safe. We can use this according our flexibility.

After shaving, many of us think that wash the face after shaving. But after shaving, you must use a lotion. It protects skin from hardness. It is also used as a good moisturizer for the skin.

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