Natural way to delay period and arrive in advance!

earlier period postpond period tips

(earlier period postpond period tips)

If menstruation occurs in special days, then it will be painful. But it is unnecessary to the body when eating pills on the idea of postponing it. (earlier period postpond period tips)

The use of English medicines has a lot of potential problems, including weight loss, stomach ulceration, vomiting, migraine, and single headache, called ‘micron’.

So do not use any of the drugs that can have side effects. It should be remembered that the use of pills is not only in the case of menstruation but also lot of side effects.

For some women, menstruation comes delay or earlier. The next day will be a special day. At this time, you can follow this natural way to postpone the tension.

Sabja Seeds
This sabja seed is available in the traditional pharmacy stores. Get this and get a teaspoon sabja seed in a quarterly foot dryer and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning and get an immediate effect. Bleeding will stand.

Buy this, in night ¼ cup curd 1 teaspoon sabja seed

Buy this, put 1 teaspoon sabja seed into the ¼ cup curd in night and eat next day morning in an empty stomach then you can see immediate effect. Bleeding will stop.

We saw tips for stop menstruation after it occurred. There is a medicine to delay menstruation. Same sabja seed can use for that. This sabja seed – eat with yogurt mixture and eat banana and drink a glass of water. It’ll not come that day, for sure! To keep the distance away, another super, healthy way is there.

On an empty stomach in the morning eat a hand size bengalgram and drink a glass of water. After that, you can eat anything but an hour later. If you do that, you do not have menstruation on that day. 5 or even 6 days can be postponed. This is the easiest way to prevent the body! In addition, the body will get protein!

Call your menstrual forward
From menstruation girls has excluded in Hindu festivals, such as marriages, temple occasions, etc.

This time ‘it’s better to get period earlier. It’s a hand remedy! Here are some easy-to-get natural foods that have create “hot” on your body and it’s make to come menstrual period earlier. So you can go for a wedding ceremony or your vacation without interruption. Eat a little bit of sesame and jaggery. Benefit is sure.

Sesame and jaggery make hot and period will come earlier. Similarly, mix a lot of jaggery with ginger juice and drink it on an empty stomach. You can see immediate effect.

Papaya is one of the most effective home remedies for early menstruation since it produces more heat in your body. Carotone in this fruit trigger your hormone estrogen, thus helping to keep your menstrual aggression faster.

The jaggery is the best home remedy for advance menstrual period. Eat the seeds with sesame seeds or ginger with a glass of ginger juice in the early stomach. It is believed that it helps in the preparation of your menstrual cycle in advance.

Eat the sesame seeds with jaggery or 1 cup ginger juice on an empty stomach. It is believed that it helps in the preparation of your menstrual cycle in advance.

Drink pomegranate juice 3 times a day or a glass of pomegranate juice with sugar cane juice for four times a day to bring your menstrual cycle up early.

New carrots or drink carrot juice 2-3 times per day. In these, carotenes promote estrogen and thus bring the menstrual cycle forward.

Carom seeds
Drink 1 cup carom seeds or fenugreek seeds juice, it’ll bring the menstrual period forward, discovered.

Sesame seeds
You eat 1 spoon sesame seeds with jaggery before 15 days of the period date or 1 spoon sesame seeds put in hot water and eat to bring the period forward.

It is one of the best known and effective hot foods. When you eat too much, your menstrual periods will come soon.

Turmeric powder
If you drink a pinch of turmeric powder in boiling water in the morning and evening before 15 days before the date you are looking for, you will have a chance to be more than 5 days ahead of the expected day.

As long as possible, avoid pushing the monthly cycle contrary to nature. Remember that anything that we do against nature is wrong.


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