Egg removes dark spot!  

egg remove dark spot beauty tips

(egg remove dark spot beauty tips)

What can you do if you buy and use expensive cream? But the three things in the house are enough to remove the black spot on your face.

Several pimples are caused by seasonal changes and oil foods. If they are left unchecked or pinched by the nails, it will eventually become darker and hollow.

If you leave them without notice or pinching it with nails, it turns out to be a black hole and a scar.

Take the egg white and knead it well and apply it on the face and dry for 20 minutes.

Then wash the face with warm water. Soap should not be used. Instead, you can use gram flour such things.

Similarly, tomatoes and lime should be cut into small pieces and make paste and put in the face. Wash the face in cold water after 20 minutes.

These can be done two days per week. Because the skin of men is slightly harder, you can get good results if you continue doing these things.


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