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healthy blood count increase food tips

(healthy blood count increase food tips)

If the hemoglobin deficiency occurs, the body will be inactive. Lazy will occur through, decrease the amount of blood cells that add to oxygen to all the organs in the body. There is also a chance for a kidney problem.

We can increase the amount of hemoglobin through the food we eat without any medicine to get rid of it. It’s enough to eat some fruits along with vegetables and more like regular exercise.

Study concludes that the amount of blood cells increases by eating daily guava fruit. It means that there is a lot of energy to increase the hemoglobin, as much as bitter. This is a fruit that is very nutritious and more effective.

One of the most delicious and most popular among fruit varieties is mango. If you are able to get rid of the bleeding from such a sweet fruit, why do you have to swallow bitter pills?

It is a fact that has long been told that if we eat an apple every day, we can avoid going to the doctor. In that sense, everyday eating apple is not just cure bleeding, but it is one that can protect us from every possible disease.

The grapes include iron. For women with menstrual period, iron is very important requirement for the production of the required amount of blood in the body. The doctors say that the number of red blood cells will definitely increase if blood is new.

The carbohydrate in the beetroot prevents the loss of blood. They also produce red blood cells that are necessary to increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. It is a good medicine for anemia patients.

Basil purifies the blood and eliminates the toxins that cause red blood cells death. Eat basil daily is sure to increase the amount of hemoglobin.


Consuming green vegetables can always provide many benefits. Increase iron in blood and vegetables that can protect us from blood sugar.

Coconut oil helps in the production of tissues and increase blood count in the body. This will increase the hemoglobin levels.

Since the egg contains protein, fat, vitamin, iron, calcium and mineral properties it gives benefits to the body. This may increase the body’s hemoglobin levels and the essential nutrition to the body.

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