Lipstick on the risk of cancer! Which lipstick should be avoided?

lipstick causes cancer good healthy tips
 (lipstick causes cancer good healthy tips)

Lipstick is very fond of women. (lipstick causes cancer good healthy tips)

Woman has interest to put lipstick. As well as man like the woman who put lipstick. But it can cause many problems for the body.

By avoiding lipstick generally, the kidneys, liver and cancer can be avoided.

At the conclusion of a study at the University of California in the United States, it is commonly known that the fact that lipstick is used is the cause of cancer.


The ingredient in the lipstick is included black lead.

This stimulates the hormone secretion of estrogen.

These colors can lead to cancer, even if they give a smoother look.

When lipstick is used, the lipstick should stop immediately after the lip becomes dark or the lip skin exfoliation.


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