ACORUS save life!

poison cure home remedy things
(poison cure home remedy things)

Our ancestors will have acorus at home. Especially, they keep scraped acorus in newborn baby’s mouth daily. Reason is that do not spread toxicity to child due to the food or allergy.(poison cure home remedy things)

So we are thinking acorus will give to child only. But it is not. The born child to the elders, everyone can use.

The acorus can avoid any serious poisoning. So it’s important to keep in the house.

Take two teaspoon of powdered acorus then mix and eaten with honey. It will cure all kinds of infectious diseases. It is available in all the traditional medicine pharmacies.

The poison in the entire body will come out completely when two or three teaspoon acorus is given immediately.

* Be used to stop the spread of infectious diseases to livestock.

* Trigger the appetite and solve laziness.

* Acorus Calamus its scientific name and also called Sweet Flag.

* Our elders said about grandma’s remedies include therapy is the acorus. For village people however give acorus with milk to children.

* This causes babies to stop the infection or hungry. That is why this is said to be a child grower (“Pillai valarppaan”).

* Mix acorus with hot water, curry leaves, turmeric powder and use as disinfectant.


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