To cure from lice use this…!

quick lice cure healthy beauty tips

(quick lice cure healthy beauty tips)

Grind acorus with water and rub it on the head and soak it. Then wash your head well in cold water. If your head doesn’t injure, you can clean your head using serpent sulfide or zinc pyrithione included shampoo. This will prevent dandruff. If you have injured, do not use it.

Take the same amount of acorus and white pepper and soak it and make dry powder. Take a spoon from that and mix it with gingelly oil and rub it in your head and soak it for an hour and bath. It’ll cure from dandruff.

The dermatitis is caused by the antibiotics called “Pidiroshporam Oval”. It produces a large amount of dandruff on the head. This results in hair erosion and hair loss. So use salicylic acid and sulfur mixed shampoos.

(A little onion) Take a little powder and rub it on the head and bathe after 15 minutes. Sulfur in the onion helps remove dandruff.

Rub pepper powder with milk and rub it on for 15 minutes.

Wash your head using curd or rub your head with gingelly oil and bathe weekly basis.

If the spinach is rubbed on the head and bathe, the dandruff can get rid of the problem.

If you rub the fenugreek powder on the head and bathe, it will reduce your dandruff and body heat.

Take scutch grass juice and heat with coconut oil then keep warm and rub it on the head daily.

Mix margo leaf juice and basil leaf juice rub it on head. Soak acorus powder in coconut oil and rub it.

After bathing the head, add some vinegar in water and bathe in the head and then wipe it.

Grind the henna leaves and add some yoghurt and lemon juice and rub the hair. It’ll remove dandruff and hair loss will be control.


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Have a lot of peanuts in the winter!
Don’t use these things when you are shaving…!
Eat some yoghurt after sex!


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