When you have tea in the house, put 2 leafs of guava!

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(good healthy guava leaf tea tips)

If digestive tract, guava leaf tea drinks, digestive enzymes are stimulated and digestible. Furthermore, the guava leaf can destroy the bacteria in the stomach and keep the stomach healthy.

If men drink tea with guava leaf, increase the sperm production and increase the quality of sperm.

If you give the guava leaf to eat, it will immediately start to reduce drug for those who are drunk.

For the erosion in the head put guava leaf juice on the scalp and soak then wash.

Keep the guava leaf in the head once a week and soak it and wash. If you do this, you can get rid of the lice.

To prevent hair removal, grind guava leaf paste and apply it in the hair and soak it for a while and then wash with warm water.

Boil the guava leaf for 20 minutes in water and then massage on the head to get rid of hair.

To reduce fat, boil the leaves in a well washed and boil in hot water and drink like tea. Prevent diabetes, and if you get diarrhea, it will be better treatment. It has been found that the development of aeros bacteria that can cause diarrhea in guava leaf.

Tincture made through Guava leaves will cure cough, throat and cardiovascular diseases.

You can see your weight loss as soon as you take the juice of the guava leaf and eat with honey every day.

If you have tea with guava leaf or eat guava leaf will cure toothache and gums problems.


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