Women must do this who wants fairness!

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(women beauty fairness healthy skin tips)

Women who are looking for a beauty do not have to look for facial beauty creams. Saffron is just enough. Let’s see how to use this saffron.

Scraping off the saffron and put tablespoon water and soak for a while. When the color of the saffron is full of water, mix a little butter and mix well. Daily apply the mixture on the skin and the lips then lips get red color. The dryness of the lips will run away without knowing the place. The black spots on the face will disappear.

The nail will get a natural color if you apply this mixture on the nails. The mixture of saffron-butter will be modify rotten nails, broken nails and recover the lost charm. Providing charming for face is attractive eyes. The thickness of the eyelids gives colorful to eyes. Saffron helps make it look like butterflies.

There is a novelty to become skin fair is in saffron with no flower. Miracle cure for that will change the body color as fairness, which is found in the saffron.


Keep the saffron powder. Take a pinch of daily. Add some drops of milk and mix it. The dark color on the face will be reduced by apply this mixture on the face. You can see this through your eyes.

Some women are good color. But the lips are so dark and dirty. If such women use saffron, they turn into as a beautiful angel.


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