Why do you eat amaranth on Saturday?

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(eat good healthy amarantha greens saturday)

The amaranth is cure stomach ulcer.  It sharpens the eyesight. This spinach contains calcium and phosphorus. (eat good healthy amarantha greens saturday)

It include 80 percent water nutrient. In addition, fiber and carbohydrate are present in the substantial. Therefore, the body will grow stronger and if you give this spinach continually to the growing children, the body will grow well.

The iron and copper content contained in the spinach is purified the blood. And phosphate helps in the development of brain. Drink juice with amaranth and yellow (3 pinches), then the cough will be heal.

Fry amaranth and cumin in ghee and put dry chilli then add some water and boil then drain the juice then eat with rice. It’ll cure any kinds of fever.

Take the same amount of sprout and sprinkler, cooked in a small bowl and cooked in a bowl, pumpkin and blood.

Take amaranth and add some slightly fermented green vegetable, pepper, turmeric and salt then cook and consume to cure lack of flavor.

The amaranth is grown in gardens usually. Siddhars refer to this as ‘Ilang keerai’.

The amaranth is found in green and red colors. The matured amaranth is a stem of green vegetable.

Clean and wash the amaranth then cut like small pieces and add 1 spoon of cumin, pepper 5, small onion 4, garlic 3 pieces and cinnamon then add some water and boil. Then you can have like toasts or soup.

It’s a food that everyone can eat up to elders from kids.

It is better to cook and eat amaranth at least once a week. It is a good medicine to get a healthy body and get stronger.

It will alleviate constipation. Indigestion disorders will cure. This is the best food for hemorrhoid persons. It’ll reduce the effect of the hemorrhoids.

Give taste to the tongue. It is stimulating hungry.

Destroy the Hysteria and give strength to nerves. It can cure cough and throat.

It has includes calcium and iron. That’s why it gives strength to nerves and plays an important role in physical growth.

Excrete the unwanted water in the body. It reduces the effects for diabetic persons. Cleanse the blood.

It’ll cure the cold in chest and cold in throat. Why do you eat lots of green vegetables on Saturdays? Do not confuse about any personal reason for that. Saturday mostly holiday for everyone, so we’ll cooked patiently at home.

On the other working days, cook green vegetables are taking more time. So on Saturdays you can cook with dhal and add some ghee and serve.


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