Do you want to makeup yourself like parlor model?

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(women self makeup home beauty tips)

Some women put makeup every day. Some of other women will adorn themselves for any occasion. Your makeup items do not always give you an equal beauty. (women self makeup home beauty tips)

The makeup is doing for gradually increasing your beauty. The reality is that if you do everything correctly, you will look like an angel. But it’s too late for that.

But we do not have time to sit in front of the mirror too long. We need is only quick make up, but good results. That’s why we are giving you an easiest makeup tricks.

This will make you look beautiful and at the same time your time will be in your hands. Follow these tricks.

* When lipstick is used, we would like to be shining everywhere without a pitch. Before that, put the face powder on the lips so lipstick will be spread fully and shiny.

* Eye primer is used to keep your eye shadow for a long time. If you have a long time to do, you can replace the liquefied concealer in the upper lobby then put eye-shadow.

* All women will have a desire to put a nail polish according their suit. But the thing that has to be dried up is just over time. Do not worry about this. If a handful of nails are drenched in cold water, it will dry up quickly and keep your nails tight.

* There is no relax in your life, like that your eyes also get tired and look like lazy. Are you asking if that’s right? The language of the eye is more important than your speak. Do not want to show your eyes beautiful? It’s just a super trick. Take a white color pencil and apply it inside the below eye shadow of your eyes. If you do this ahead of your makeup, you’ll get bigger wide-bright eyes.

* When you put powder to your face, do not take apply straightly. It is best to use a brush. Apply powder depending on the perimeter of your face. If you use a thin brush on the lower side of the nose and below side of the eye, along the wide brush in the cheeks, forehead and jaw, then your face will get the same charm. (women self makeup home beauty tips)

* Women do not know the level of fluid foundation required for their face. The size depends on your face coverage. Liquid Foundation is enough to apply only one time for a light coverage. This must be done twice for a medium coverage.

* It is very difficult to hide pimples or wrinkles using a sunscreen cream. Because of that small spots, you cannot apply a little bit of sunscreen cream. The sunscreen cream’s mouth is widely flattened and spreads in many parts when we apply for a pimple spot. So you can easily hide through take sunscreen cream using the eyeliner brush and put it on the pimples. So you can easily hide.

* Sometimes you do not know how to make for the show. It’s easy to put forward in front of the Blush Foundation and your face will shine beautifully. Blush should not be applied above the foundation.

* Is your nose wide and flat? Do not worry. It can be sharply changed with the makeup trick. You need to start highlighting the one side of your nose and the inside. Then highlight the nose in the middle of the nose. This will make your nose look sharp.

* Use petroleum gel if mascara does not show your lids thicker and beautiful. Before applying mascara, apply petroleum gel into lids and then apply the mascara you will get dense soft eyelids.

* All the girls are doing mistake when they buy foundation. That is, they apply and check on their hands. Your arms and the color of the face vary. So this is absolutely wrong. So you apply on your neck and check it then buy. Because your neck and face look is almost same color. This may prevent you from selecting a wrong foundation.

All of the above-mentioned makeup tricks were told by the expert beautician in this makeup industry. So you can use this and get beauty and benefit.


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