Cure tips for pregnant time vomit!  

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(Pregnant Time Vomit Cure Tips)

Pregnancy vomiting is normal. During pregnancy some people have vomiting and nausea. There is a hand remedy to avoid vomiting. (Pregnant Time Vomit Cure Tips)

Keep drying the royal wooden bark and burning it. Then getting ash and mixing with water and shrink it and drink.  Immediately vomiting will stop.

To stop vomiting drink ginger juice mixed with equal amount of onion juice in an empty stomach in the morning. (Pregnant Time Vomit Cure Tips)

After putting a fresh soil shirt in the oven and put it in two chilli powder and then fry 2 tbsp of water, the vomiting will immediately stop.

Put 2 dry chillies in pot and dry well and take those chillies and put 2 cups of water in pot and heat it and drink. Then the vomiting will immediately stop.

Grind lemon leaves are thoroughly and add salt and mix well. Then drink that water. It will stop the vomiting.

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