These foods prevent Cancer!

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(Cancer Cure Good Healthy Foods)

Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases that can threaten mankind. It can attack humans in any way. Doctors say that cancer diagnoses in early stage can be easily cured.

Yellow and ginger are anti-cancer drugs. Tobacco, excessive solar radiation, chemicals exposed in working places, and cavities are said to be some of the causes of cancer.

Avoiding all this is the easiest way to save us from cancer. Some of the foods we consume are anti-cancer foods. Turmeric and ginger are not use to make tasty foods. These can be called tasty medications.

These chemicals are also capable of destroying cancer cells in the test tub. Turmeric and ginger are available in tablet form. Only lazy person use this tablet.

Do not put the turmeric and ginger in the medicine box, keep them in the kitchen. Green tea has chemicals such as Epigallocatechin 3-gallate and Catechins. These are the enemies of cancer cells.

You can drink 1.9 liters of green tea per day. When the tea is prepared and produces black tea, the beneficial substance Catechins is lost. So the advice of the doctors is that drinking too much green tea is good.


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These foods prevent Cancer!

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