Use curd for shiny skin!

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(Shiny Skin Use Curd Beauty Tips)

Curd can be used not only for body health but also for skin health. Let’s see about the ways of using curd for the skin.

If you use 100 grams of curd on the face, it will prevent the spots and acne on the face. Because it has ostrend so it’ll increase the growth of the skin cells.

Calcium supplements in curd will keep the skin without dry. Curd also provides a moisturizer for our skin.

Lactic acid in curd acts as a good moisturizer in the skin and sees skin irregularities.

Apply the curd on the face to get rid of skin tiredness, and after a while wash your face. You will get refresh skin.

Apply the curd on the face and make like face mask every day to kill bacteria on the face and remove the dead cells in the skin.


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