From which age children start to eat non vegetable dishes?

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(Baby Healthy Food Eat Age Tips)

If your babies are infants, you can give only milk.

But if we have a six-month-old baby, we will try to give some other foods other than milk. There are some guidelines for how to start and give non vegetable foods gradually. It is enough to do it. Eating non-vegetarian food does not cause any trouble for children.

Protein is the prime nutrient in non-vegetarian foods. It will be very effective for the development of children’s body.

Start with egg for baby in a non-vegetarian diet.

Non-vegetarian food should be given after the first age of the baby.

Two months after giving the eggs, you can start to add some fish.


Next you can give chicken foods. It is good to give soups too. Sometimes when the baby is eating non-vegetarian food, it can cause stomach pain.

Some children refuse to eat because they are new and different delicious. So after soup types, you may give solid foods like chicken.

Mutton is better to give after two years of age. It takes longer to digestion.


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