Always hungry? What can be done?

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Usually when we’re kids, our moms lament that my child is not eating properly. After grow up we eat lot of foods. On that time our moms lament that I can’t cook for you every time. We have seen both.

The digestive system is one reason for hungry. Hungry is begin again after digest.

If the digest is not correct, the stomach disorders will develop. We are often hungry. So if you think that our digestive path works perfectly, it is wrong. Even the hunger is a problem. So it should always be a little bit of attention to food.

Those who feel too much hunger are better to take more omega-3 foods in their diet. It prompts the hormone glands to function properly.

These foods have higher Omega-3.
* Fish
* Almonds
* Olive oil
* Walnut
* Fish oil
* Butter fruit


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