These 12 vegetables are enough: Diseases will not come close to you!

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(Diseases Free Healthy Vegetable Tips)

There are lots of nutrients in the natural vegetables. Each of them has a unique characteristic to cure the disease. There are some vegetables in particular. They do not allow reaching certain diseases.

These 12 vegetables will solve 12 diseases
* Kidney disorder – Brinjal
* Stroke – Cluster beans
* Insomnia – Snake gourd
* Hernia – Arasaani gourd
* Cholesterol – Ivy Gourd,
* Asthma – for drumstick
* Diabetes – Ridge gourd
* Arthritis – Coconut
* Thyroid – lemon
* High blood pressure – Ladies finger
* Heart disorders – Ash banana
* Cancer – white Pumpkin

Folic acid, fiber and coalinal are high in brinjal. Iron, calcium, phosphorus and minerals are included in brinjal. It helps to regular body movement and kidney function. It has the possibility of heal the stomatitis.

Fiber is very high in snake gourd. It is one of the low calorie-sized vegetable with fiber and folic acid. The people who have diabetics, cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure are good to take in the diet.

Ladies finger contains the folic acid and potassium and vitamin in high level. It has protein, iron and beta carotene. So it controls the blood pressure.

Pumpkin is the best solution for urine related diseases. It is good for the constipation, headache and kidney failure.

Proteins, vitamins and minerals are rich in these 12 vegetables. It is noteworthy that these vegetables are having low calories.


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