Some tips to grow hair on bald head!

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(Bald Head Hair Grow Beauty Tips)

Without a lack of clean water, bathing in the artificial way and bathing with chemical composite shampoos, soap, makes hair dry at a young age.

However, it is a great challenge in today’s medicine to grow up hair and to save it.

In this case, let’s look at what natural medicine says about how to prevent hair loss and to avoid the gray hair at the young age.

Take a handful of neem leaf and keep it for boil with the water. Take the juice on the next day to wash the head. If you continue to do this, you can prevent hair loss.

Powdered fenugreek seeds and abresprecaterius. Then soak it in a coconut oil for a week. Bald hair can be prevented by rubbing this daily morning on hair.

Some young people have gray hair at young age. All they have to do is eat the gooseberry continually to reduce gray hair.

Some will have completely gray hair. What they need to do is to prepare the juice using lotus flower and take in the morning and evening. If amaranth is eaten once a week, the gray hair will gradually decrease.

Well, we saw the tips for reduce the hair fall and gray hair. Is there a way to grow hair? Yes it is in our natural medicine.

Grind the curry leaves well and put on coconut oil and keep boil and use as oil for the head.

Otherwise, mix carrot and lemon juice and keep for boil with coconut oil and rub on the head to hair growth.

Above all, a note for those who have clean bald head.

Take the root of gale of the wind (Phyllanthus amarus) and clean and chop it. Then add into the coconut oil and keep for boil and rub it on the head. Then bald will disappear.


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