Diabetic and Dates!

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(Healthy Diabetic Cure Dates Tips)

* You can eat fruits by natural or dry. But all the fruits are medicinal. The date is the best fruit at the desert area.

* It is a very nutritious fruit. It is favourite for children to elders. Most of dates grow in Africa and Arab countries.

* The heat-rich desert areas are ideal for growth. This is not growing in our country because of the lack of heat. These are imported from Arab countries.

* It plays a major role in Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani medicine. This fruit include solar system. This fruit is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A, B, B2, B5 and vitamin E.

* Generally, 42% of children in the world have suffered from eye disorders. Eyesight problems comes through Vitamin A. Date is the best medicine to cure this.

* Soak the dates with honey and eat it to cure night blindness and other eye problems.

* Soak the dates with honey and give it to children on both morning and evening. It is good for the baby’s health, strengthen the body and give refreshment.

* Mix the date with milk and boil it and eat. It is good for health.

* Remove the seeds of the dates and boil it with milk and eat. It is good for cold and cough problems.

* The bones of the victims of diabetes may lose strength. They require calcium iron. If they eat one or two fruit per day, they will get the necessary nutrients.

* Mix dates with almonds and boiled it with the milk. It is a best remedy for neurasthenia and it will increase remembrance.

* It will purify and increase blood circulation.

* Strengthen the bones.

* It is a suitable medicine for older people. It will reduce physical damage.

* The ulcers will cure. The joint pain will be gone.

* If you boil dates with milk, you will not get heart diseases.

If you have daily nourishing palm oil, you will get rid of chronic diseases.

If you eat dates daily, you will get rid from all type of diseases.


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