Some ways to avoid being cheated when buy honey!

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(Original Honey Identify Best Tips)

Whatever it is during this time it has adulteration.

They are not only adulterate in garments and accessories, but also adulterate in food items for money.

The honey is one of the adulterate food item. The original honey will remain in good condition for so many years. But some sell the sugar syrup and jaggery for the original honey. We also believe that it is the original honey.

What is the original honey? What is mixed honey? It’s easy to find. How is that? Read below
1) Leave a drop of honey in a white paper, if the honey is not absorbed by the paper and does not spread on the white paper, it is the original honey.
Perhaps the paper, whether it is absorbing or spreading a drop of honey, is the mixed honey.

2) Take a glass of water and add a drop of honey. If the drop is not mixed with water, it can be original honey.
Maybe if a drop of honey is mixed with water, it can be mixed honey.

3) Leave a drop of honey in a match stick’s black part and try to fire. If it is fire immediately it is original honey.
Maybe if the fire is not burned, it can be contaminated honey.


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